Santam Car Insurance

santam car insurance

South Africa’s leading general insurer

Santam is South Africa’s leading general insurer. They are celebrating over 100 years in the insurance industry. This is one of the reasons why they are a favourite in the car insurance market. Santam has more than 22% of the insurance market and 5 business units. They offer a wealth of specialist insurance knowledge and skills. Apart from providing car insurance, Santam Personal Insurance unit offers:

  • Home contents cover
  • Building cover
  • Watercraft cover
  • Commercial cover
  • Specialist cover
  • Agri cover

Santam ensures more than 80 of the Top 100 JSE-listed companies. 

The unique benefits of choosing Santam car insurance

Out on the roads South Africans are open to a number of risks. Accidents happen. Even when parked in a garage there are no safety guarantees. Having legitimate insurance is non-negotiable. Santam’s motto is “Insurance good and proper”. This comes to life in their ability to guarantee customers the amount they will be paid out in the event of an accident underneath the specific cover they have taken out. Their insurance removes uncertainty around what to expect if your car is stolen or damaged.

The company offers:

  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Limited Cover (Fire & Theft) 
  • Third-party Cover

Customers are also offered a level of flexibility with the option to cover some extras. And, they have a helpful Santam App. The app makes reporting and tracking claims extremely convenient. It allows you to manage your insurance on their dedicated client website. 

Get a Santam car insurance quote! Santam is the insurer of choice for millions of South Africans. They can help you be safe wherever you go. Request a car insurance quote from Santam by clicking here.