OUTsurance Car Insurance

outusrance car insurance

Insurance to help keep you moving 

OUTsurance is one of the most well-known car insurance companies in South Africa. They are very active on all marketing platforms. We see their billboards, paid media and TV adverts all the time. Their Pointsment initiative with Traffic Freeflow make their branding top of mind daily. They also offer home, life and business insurance.

OUTSurance has an initiative that pays back premiums to individuals who drive responsibly and remain claim-free. They were the first to start this type of initiative. In recent years their aim to offer customers cheap car insurance quotes has led to the R400 challenge. If OUTsurance is unable to beat your current insurance quote, they will pay you R400.

OUTsurance has paid over R3-billion in OUTbonuses over the years.

OUTsurance rewards and benefits

Car insurance is, unfortunately, one of those non-negotiables. Literally anything can happen while you’re out on the road. From a severe rainstorm to a hi-jacking and theft to a bumper bashing or even worse. OUTsurance knows that their customers’ lists of debit orders are ever-growing. This is why they aim to give customers more than what they’ve bargained for. With their comprehensive cover, 10% of premiums are paid out in cash after three claim-free years. 

OUTsurance also offers:

  • Fixed access
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • 12-month premium fix
  • Medical expertise
  • Assistance with repairs for comprehensive cover customers
  • Essential Car Insurance, which covers the basics and is suitable for individuals on a budget

OUTsurance add-ons include car hire, 4×4 insurance, legal and medical assistance, sound equipment, bicycle insurance and extra insurance for women called Lady@OUT.

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