Discovery Insure Car Insurance

discovery car insurance

Rewards Drivers For Driving Well

Discovery Insure is a car insurance company in South Africa that offers various rewards to their insured drivers in exchange for driving responsibly. While there are various insurance companies catering to cheap or more affordable car insurance, Discovery Insure’s goal is to provide innovative insurance with various benefits and features for the customer that add value to their lives and budgets.

What makes their car insurance different?

Irresponsible driving leads to increased risk, that’s why Discovery Insure encourages its drivers to always drive responsibly. In exchange, they are willing to refund 50% of a customer’s monthly fuel spend. Another great benefit is 25% discount on Uber rides. Leaving your car at home safely locked in the garage during a night out on the town is a sensible decision for everyone involved.

Intelligent technology and safety features such as Impact Alert gives drivers peace of mind that in the event of an accident, Discovery Insure will be able to detect impact and send out emergency service.

South African weather is slightly unpredictable with thunderstorms and hail storms occurring frequently. Should bad weather arise the insurer will send out notifications to warn drivers in advance.

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